Each product of the following categories is the result of an high quality
manual processing: a fascinating history of tradition
Fine meat cuts from transparent supply chains
Meat food category is the most delicate one. Tracing all the phases – from farming to a ready to eat product of a beef striploin or a lamb rump – is a duty but it is also a difficult task. First of all, the offer of Selecta can be considered a complete offer: from highest quality poultry and rabbits to beef, sheep, horse and pork meats. All type of cuts are available. Meat is selected…
Cold meats
From Culatello to Iberian ham
Selecta cold meat selection comes almost only from two Countries: Italy and Spain. It is indisputably in this category that the Norcia tradition reaches its highest points. From the Italian products there are Mortadella – Slow Food Presidium, Parma ham, Salamina da sugo from Ferrara; and it is only a little part of the catalogue. In the south of the province of Parma there are the excellent products of Podere Cadassa  such as Culatello of…
The best cheeses beyond and beneath the Alps
Italian or French cheeses? This is a vain question for Selecta. It is better to ask why do we have to choose between them if we can have the best cheeses from both Countries? The cheeses are gathered into the brand name “formaggi.it”, a selection of handmade curdled and seasoned cheeses by careful artisans attentive to milk quality and good seasoning as well. These are excellent products whose temperature and humidity are constantly monitored. This…
Ichthyic products
Sustainable fishery, unequalled quality fish
                     The Ichthyic  products category is one of the richest sector of Selecta offer. A scrupulous selection (for caught fish) conducted on   board, on fishing boats, by expert sailors always following the rigorous standards of the sustainable fishery. From the Ocean, we receive rare French auction caught fish such as cod, scampi and Scottish scallops, fine crabs and big size tuna. But, we also receive mussels and clams from Italian seas (such as Porto Santo…
In a garden of scents and colours
 Vegetables’ world is important both for sustainable agriculture and the increasing number of people adopting a  vegetarian diet. Selecta is well aware of the importance of vegetables and it is a long time since it works  for finding vegetables thanks to experts in this field having a true awareness of what they do and a particular attention to fresh aromatic plants, from Dill to Verbena. Apart from plantations, there is also the insect farming: harmful…
Spices, herbs, seasonings
From background actors to famous protagonists
                      There is a serious prejudice against seasoning, spices and herbs: they only give unimportant touch, something more that doesn’t really         change the taste of a dish. On the contrary, Selecta is well aware that a hint of taste contributes to the cration of a great dish. Seasonings, such as almond oil, Lambrusco wine vinegar or Jerez (sherry) Pedro Ximenes wine vinegar, are able to give a particular aromatic taste to dishes. Furthermore, there are…
Rice, grains, pulses
Different types of rice in different parts of the world
Since a few years, the catering industry has started to talk about plural nouns: there are not rice, pasta or flour anymore but there are rices, pastas and flours.  Since many years, Selecta is engaged in order to give a richer and richer variety of products. According to gourmet experts, there is an obvious and deep difference between Carnaroli rice rice and Thai black rice, between Sushi Nishiki rice and Nano Vialone Veronese rice. Similarly,…
Chocolate and confectionery products
The most excellent products to conclude a meal
In the catering industry, confectionery products have an essential importance because they conclude a meal: cooking efforts are vain  if the dinner ends with a low quality dessert compared to the previous dishes of the meal. For this reason, Selecta carefully selects excellent quality ingredients from the best pastry chefs. Following this concept, there is the choice to represent, in exclusive representation for Italy, Valrhona Chocolate. This famous company was established in the 1920s by…
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